Project Zephyr : Presentation

Creating new content for Millénaire
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Project Zephyr : Presentation

Post by ProjectZephyr » Thu Sep 13, 2018 3:08 pm

I'm here to introduce you Project Zephyr. It's a little team created by me (Amaohra) providing to the community addons, or updates of old addons for Millénaire.

I'm searching people that can help me in my quest :
- builders, for creating/editing our addons' buildings;
- debuggers, for updating (old) addons whithout any problem;
- sprite creators, for creating new textures.
Although, you can be a beta tester (limited number) to help us by another way, testing our addons firsts to find and post any issue.

The team has a french and an english part, to be helpful with more people.

You can also join our official Discord.

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