How to make

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How to make

Post by HeyItsOcarina » Fri Feb 12, 2016 8:24 pm

I wanna make the Norwegians as a custom culture, but I don't know how. I know all I need is a file with stuff in it, but how do I get actual villagers as inhabitants and it not saying "" and saying "Norwegian"?

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Re: How to make

Post by MoonCutter2B » Fri Feb 12, 2016 8:54 pm

I don't know about the villagers but I would start checking the existing cultures.
I think each building has a txt file and inside that is specified who inhabits the building, the used names has to correspond to a villager type in the /villagers folder.
I.e. a lot of the things needed is to get the names of stuff exactly correct in a lot of different files.

Regarding the thing and actually a lot of name things they are solved in the /languages folder files and sometimes in other txt files. There is at least one strings.txt for each culture in each language and I think you should have a norwegian.txt that contain a lot of strings. There is a also a common strings.txt, I think, that defines some common strings (actually hundreds of strings).

Hope this helps.

PS some of the current bugs are actually missing strings and missmatches between different files DS

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Re: How to make

Post by Xour » Sat Feb 13, 2016 12:48 am

This is a useful guide to help you make a culture that I used when I first started. ... _Buildings

The other best way as mooncutter mentioned is to look at the other cultures and see what they've done i'll give an example of adding villagers here.

I'm assuming you have a building ready to go so in your buildings text file you'll need a line for each male and each female villager that the building should contain (A standard building contains a female and a male but obviously that can change) so in your example building let's say that you wanted to add a male knight and a female wife, the line you would add would read.


The semicolon separates the previous line from the knew so instead of starting a new line for each new argument just add a semicolon.

Now obviously you need an actual .txt for the villagers you want to add so go to you culture's folder and into the villagers folder (not the villages folder) and add a .txt for each villager you want. So that's.


Now you need to add arguments to that .txt, I suggest looking at other cultures examples for this.

You other problem with the name is indeed a strings problem, there are a couple of different strings files and I can't recall the precise one you're looking for but it will either be one specific to your culture that you'll need to make (look at the culture's for the layout) or it will be in one of the string.txt for the entire millenaire mod. Try adding the line.

To some of the strings and see what happens via trial and error.

If your still confused byy something not working post it and include a clean copy of the millenaire log.


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