The alchemist shop

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The alchemist shop

Post by Kapten_Kamrat » Sat Jun 29, 2013 3:52 am

I managed to complete the norman creation quest for some weeks ago and plotted out the alchemist shop in my town with great happiness.
The trouble is that I have done a lot of reworking on my norman center castle and I have still one more update left to build on it. So I just stopped all upcoming updates on my castle for not to ruin things I added to it.

And here is where the cookie crumbles.
My village signs tells me that I lack the Norman artwork for my castle. And because of that I can not see that is needed to build the alchemist shop. I have tried to have the chests well stocked with building materials.

But no. My villagers seems to refuse to build the shop for me.
Is there anyone here at the forums that perhaps could list what is needed to get the alchemist shop?

My best regards.

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