Questions re Getting Children to Work and Chest

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Questions re Getting Children to Work and Chest

Post by littlelamb » Mon Feb 18, 2019 3:04 am

Hello everyone

I am playing MC version 1.12.2

Can someone please tell me how to get children to Mine, Cut Wood Work on crops
Near the back door of my house I have made a crop area, planted a small area of trees, and started a mining area about five levels underground with strap leading down to the main mining chamber

The children have the necessary items for the job they are to do but they are not working

Also is there any way to replace a deleted chest so that the villagers will use it.


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Re: Questions re Getting Children to Work and Chest

Post by lurkerwithin » Mon Feb 18, 2019 10:55 pm

Currently children only have one goal assigned to them which is to collect cider apples from the cider farms. You'll need to add the appropriate goals to their txt files for them to start doing the tasks you want. You can start with the following link to familiarize yourself with the available goals: Additionally, these tasks can only be performed at Millenaire buildings. So for example you said that you have a small area of trees that you planted yourself: none of the children or any of the lumberjacks are going to harvest these trees because they are not part of a Millenaire building with oakspawn, birchspawn or pinespawn in the building plan with the building tag:grove in its txt file. You can take a look at the following link if you want to set up some custom areas/buildings: ... _Buildings.

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