Millénaire 6.2.0 official release!

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Millénaire 6.2.0 official release!

Post by Kinniken » Sun Apr 22, 2018 5:35 pm

Download from the homepage:

Minecraft 1.12
- Fully upgraded to Minecraft 1.12
- Support for some new features like holding items in off hands, new ground types
- Achievements have been removed. Advancements will be implemented in a later update

Mod Deployment
- Millénaire will now display a message when it is not running the latest version
- millenaire/ and millenaire-custom/ directories are now auto-expended in the mods/ folder, to make installation easier and be compatible with Twitch
- Anonymous sending of statistics (version, language...) to Can be disabled in a new setting
- Merged client & server releases

Village Generation
- Added a system where villages away from spawn can start with some initial progress (can be configured in settings)
- Leaves will no longer be removed around buildings, to avoid "tree stripping" effects
- Buildings in snowy biomes will now generate covered in snow
- Villagers will now avoid clearing flowers and tall grass when building

Improved Village Paths
- Village paths will now centre on "nodes" buildings like wells and small plazas (implemented for Norman, Indian, Mayan and Byzantines for now)
- New "node" buildings for the Byzantines by Ticlon, for the Mayans by MoonCutter and for the Indians
- Village paths are now a little lower than normal blocks, like the vanilla grass paths
- Paths are better calculated than before, with less random detours

Village Behaviour
- Re-enabled system that prevented villages from making unreachable buildings and displayed unreachable zones on the map
- All villages now have an inn at start, to have local trade up and running faster

- Added stairs and slabs for timber frame, mud bricks, cooked bricks and thatch
- Added support for fence and fence gates in all wood types

Custom Content Creation
- New feature by SamBoy: buildings now imported with placeholders for their "action points". This means things like selling positions or tree spawn points can now be edited in-game, and Millénaire buildings can now be imported and exported without damaging their special points.
- Building plans and villager types can now be placed in arbitrary subdirectories of buildings/ and villagers/
- New handling of millenaire-custom that enables overriding of almost any file
- When importing a building, if it's not found in the exports folder it will now be copied from millenaire/ based on either file name ("well") or native in-game name ("puit")
- The importer now supports importing variations ("farm_B")

- New icons by Lokosy for different items (wands, Mayan tools…)
- New /millRenameVillage command enabling admins to rename villages
- Added a list of active villages available via /millListActiveVillages with the CPU time taken by the village
- Many, many bugs fixed, too many to list here
- Fight a polar bear for a sneak peak at the next major new feature!

Great thanks to everybody who helped with this release, with a particular mention for MoonCutter2B, Samboy, MauveCloud, Goshen, Orange1861, Scojla, and Lokosy!

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Re: Millénaire 6.2.0 official release!

Post by trollkind » Mon Apr 23, 2018 9:17 am

:o :D <3 !
Love the pathing changes and all the little details like snow covered buildings, no more tree stripping etc and also that you seem to improve on the stability and capability of the underlying technical structure of the mod. I guess some features were ported over from the 1.8 mod update effort?
In any case, thanks a lot for updating and expanding the one mod that I don't want to play without. :)

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Re: Millénaire 6.2.0 official release!

Post by Kinniken » Mon Apr 23, 2018 1:05 pm

Yes, I did not mention it in the release notes, but there was a lot of refactoring and speed improvements in 6.2 also.

The 1.8 rewrite is on a completely different technical base, there was no porting to 6.2. The "mock blocks" ideas for building import/exports originated there though.

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Re: Millénaire 6.2.0 official release!

Post by felinoel » Mon Apr 23, 2018 6:23 pm

Kinniken wrote:- Fight a polar bear for a sneak peak at the next major new feature!

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Re: Millénaire 6.2.0 official release!

Post by Xeredek » Tue Apr 24, 2018 3:10 am

Heck yeah, 'Gunna go let some friends know this just updated. You awesome work is always appreciated!

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