Millenaire 6.1.0 Release!

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Millenaire 6.1.0 Release!

Post by Zoythrus » Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:51 am

The 1.7.10 version of Millenaire is now out of pre-alpha and has moved into Alpha! In this you'll find a fairly complete Inuits, but do note that they aren't fully done yet, so expect some bugs. We have plenty that we want to do with them, and many of those things simply aren't possible right now, but will be in the future!

Before I get onto the changelog, you may be wondering why the 6.0.1 versions on these forums and on the Discord are different, and that's because Kinniken and I had a little bit of confusion concerning who is making 6.0.1. We've both been improving different areas, with me doing the Inuits and him doing the backend and general improvements. Rest assured, we'll be properly merging relatively soon since the Inuits are mainly finished.

Player controlled Inuit village now exists!
Inuits get a dog breeder now!
Bison fields were removed and now cows will spawn with Hunters for the time being.
Building improvements, like upgrades to the Market and downgrades to the Guesthouse and Carver!
Inuit dialogue and strings have been translated into Spanish!

Known bugs:
The farms seem to go unused
Inuit dialogue doesn't always show
WARNING: Firing the Inuit bow or using the Inuit arrows WILL corrupt your saves!!!!!!! Do not use!!!!!

As usual, if you find any bugs or oddities, tell us on these forums or on Discord!

Enjoy our new snowy friends! ... -lOLPdXdHh

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Re: Millenaire 6.1.0 Release!

Post by Ilovewash » Sat Jan 20, 2018 4:36 pm


Could we have some pictures of our new friends the inuits ?


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Re: Millenaire 6.1.0 Release!

Post by Akeakamai » Tue Jan 30, 2018 10:56 pm

Hello, I have a question, since You posted on Discord, that Your version is now merged with Kinniken's update. I have no clue if and where I can ask this on Discord (I am new there) so am asking here:

Is the latest file from Discord Millenaire 6.1.1 posted by Voltaire really merged with Kinniken's? Or which file should I download? I play this one and there is no presence of the updates Kinniken mentioned. I got the "I will be there" bug (okay, only once after a few days playing, but still...) and villagers are not accepting acacia and dark oak wood. I started new map to test this if anyone asked.

Thanks in advance for answering.

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