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Millénaire and ExtraBiomesXL

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:54 pm
by Muhkuh
(sry for my bad english)

i found millenaire apropox a month ago. and i love it!

now i set up a modpack with millionaire and extrabiomesXL, (and more :D )
and i got a little problem.

in some areas, the villages are spawning in a hillside so that the buildings can't connect because of the heigt or there is no more building space than starting buildings detected because of the incline

in other areas, villages can't spawn because the ground is not detected as builing ground. (i'm sure about red rock, but i think there were more)

is there something i can do to fix this issues or please somebody help me :)

(what about making spawning zones more or less flat?)