Recognition for being a 'Useful Engine'

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Recognition for being a 'Useful Engine'

Post by Saggaris » Sun Apr 14, 2019 9:31 am

On many occasions I've helped out behind the scenes with a village where their chosen land is... less than ideal

is it possible to reward the player for clearing 'old ruins' 'filling lava and water (Quicksand/poison) ponds' ? (Generally Forbidden areas)
perhaps even for building bridges and causeways to allow access to areas that fall foul because of a river or ravine or even the ocean itself?

I have on occasions in the past built land out into the ocean and even chopped the top off a mountain or two for a standard (Auto-spawned) village to build on and what thanks do I get?... zip, nothing, they don't even know there's a difference... soooooo

I'm thinking along the lines of a point of recognition per block of space you open up the the village, if this could be measured somehow it might prove useful, not just for allowing a village/town to complete but giving the player an immediate goal when he/she arrives.

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