Whoops, I'm sorry!

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Whoops, I'm sorry!

Post by Saggaris » Tue Jul 17, 2018 12:45 pm

I have alienated myself again with a town by having a fella teleport in front of my (pretty good) Shovel, I left town with him and his mate in tow intent on killing me.
It was an accident, it was HIS fault for teleporting without considering his destination, we're friends... Mate... best mate?
Don't make me kill you or I'll have to wipe all males from your map!

No, they won't listen.
Is there a way or a consideration for serious* friendly fire... can I say sorry and or pay recompense to the family if it goes too far.

I'd really like a way to resolve this sort of thing without having to restart the world.

* there have been occasions when I have accidentally punched a woman in the face while trying to get her attention for marketing... and I got away with that with no problem.

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Re: Whoops, I'm sorry!

Post by kjdiehl » Thu Jul 19, 2018 5:13 pm

Yeah, something to mitigate this issue would be welcome. It also is frequently a problem when trying to help defend a village from a raid. All the raiders and defenders get all clumped on top of each other and it is extremely difficult to tell which ones are which, especially if of the same culture. And even if you can see who's who, it's still very likely you'll accidentally hit the wrong guy. Maybe something like all attacks from a player on a villager within their own village don't register until the second (or maybe third?) hit within a short amount of time?

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