Update Sadhu Quest

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Update Sadhu Quest

Post by MauveCloud » Wed Jun 27, 2018 7:23 am

While doing the Sadhu quest, I noticed some things about it that made it painfully clear it was written for a much older version of Minecraft, and one thing that will be confusing if left the same after Minecraft 1.13 releases (and Millenaire is updated to it):
1. The "Hindu Epics" sub-quest involves getting a book from an Indian village, and if I get them from a pandit, he also suggests reading it myself if I can understand Sanskrit. However, it is merely a basic Minecraft "book", so there is no Sanskrit to read. The "book and quill" and "written book" items have been around since Minecraft 1.3.1, which allow data to be specified for the pages.
2. "Fear and Knowledge" seems to be assuming I used an enchantment table to make the enchanted sword, but there are other ways to get one - enchanted books were added in 1.4.6 (and can be applied to a sword with an anvil, which was added in 1.4.2), initially available as vanilla villager trades or chest loot, but 1.7.2 added the possibility of getting them when fishing. As of Minecraft 1.8, it is possible to buy enchanted swords directly from vanilla villagers (as far as I can tell from the Minecraft wiki, the vanilla villagers only sold unenchanted weapons and tools in earlier versions)
3. "The Great Dive", "Window in the Depth" - in 1.12.2 these still makes sense, unless you're using certain mods (e.g. Mo' Creatures, Biomes O' Plenty), but 1.13 is expected to add both mobs and plants to ocean biomes, so the Sadhu's reaction about the bottom of the sea being a barren place could be very confusing.
4. "Limits of the World" - this one could use a change not so much from updates to Minecraft but from change in Millenaire itself - it is now possible to do the Alchemist quest before doing the Sadhu quest, and if I've gotten far enough to peer into the void (even if I haven't told the Alchemist about it yet), I feel like I should be able to tell the Sadhu about that instead of going down to bedrock level again.
5. "The Book of Sadhu" - the parchment claims that there are only two types of flowers in the world, but 12 more were added in MC 1.7.2.

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Re: Update Sadhu Quest

Post by felinoel » Tue Jul 10, 2018 1:38 pm

It is my understanding that all Creation Quests are getting remade.

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