Incorporate mobs into village life!

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Incorporate mobs into village life!

Post by kjdiehl » Tue May 22, 2018 1:30 am

Spinning off of my Donkeys for Traders idea:

What about coding cows to commonly be present in Indian villages, and any hostile player activity towards cows inside of Indian villages be treated the same as hostility towards Indian villagers? (I'm not actually sure if contemporary India's veneration of cows was present in the 11th century though... But even if not, the one thing Millenaire is lacking is these kinds of little tweaks to better differentiate the cultures and to further utilize the vanilla mobs, especially those created in recent years since Mill. was first created.)

Maybe Mayans could keep ocelots or parakeets as pets, or have some other way that the villagers interact with these animals?

Mayans keep llama farms and harvest wool from them?

Mayans make tapestries from llama wool, utilizing vanilla banner system?

What else???

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Re: Incorporate mobs into village life!

Post by felinoel » Tue May 22, 2018 2:32 pm

Cows could be added AS VILLAGERS.
They could be made into people, with a home plot of land to sleep at.

This would make it so that if you attack/kill a cow it is treated as though you attacked/killed a villager.

The other things though I am iffy about, I mean the Inuits keep wolves though and for a while I've been pushing for randomized town banners.

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