New Culture Ideas

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New Culture Ideas

Post by MrMerr » Fri Dec 15, 2017 10:17 pm

Now, as a moderator had said earlier about how they wish to have the cultures "spaced out" geographically speaking, I've been thinking further about what possible cultures there are to add.
Now, I do have a few personal ideas, but I don't know if they would be feasible given the state of how similar they would be to other already in-game cultures.

-Picts/Scots. It can certainly be argued that Picts/Scots would be very similar to the Norman culture, but I feel that there are some opportunities for differentiating between the two of them.

-Castilian. Historically speaking, "Castilian" culture was founded in the Northern Part of the Iberian peninsula and would later on, throughout history, form the Kingdom of Castile, and then later form Spain.

-Ruthenian/Russian. Within the 11th century, the descendants of Rurik had converted to Orthodox Christianity, and had become a coalition of duchies and such.

-Arabian. As I recall, the first crusades began to occur in the 11th century.

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