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Millénaire 7.0 Public Beta for Minecraft 1.12.2 Millénaire 7.0 beta 3 (7.0b3)

Millénaire 7.0 introduces three great new features: a reworked Norman culture, the construction of a massive, end-game marvel: Notre Dame of the New World, and Millénaire’s newest, most distinctive culture yet: the Inuits.

As part of the Norman rework, many buildings have been redesigned from scratch: the Manor, the Guild Hall, the Church, all the farms, many of the houses... The others have been 'refreshed' to fit with the Normans' new style. Two new buildings have also been added: a weaver's house, where a villager produces carpets, and a glass-blower's workshop, where a specialised artisan produces fancy new glass windows in various patterns.

As for the Marvel, this truly massive building can now be started by doing a small quest for a friendly Norman village leader. A team of builders will toil days and nights to erect this shining example of Norman architecture, based on the real-life Abbaye aux Hommes in Caen, Normandy. You can assist them either by donating resources directly, or by visiting Norman villages to encourage them to do the same. Once finished, the Cathedral's bells will ring every morning, providing good luck to any player nearby!

Last but not least, the Inuits are a brand new culture found in the snowy reaches of Minecraft. With a lifestyle centred on hunting, they have a very different feel from the previous cultures and provide distinctive new abilities, such as carving ice and snow into bricks, learning to gather meat from bears, wolves and squids, and highly enchantable fur coats.

Millénaire 7 is currently in beta, and as thus, backups are highly recommended. It is compatible with villages from previous releases ; Norman buildings started in earlier versions will not upgrade to the new versions, but will otherwise keep working.

7.0 beta 3 changes:

  • Added the Inuits
  • Fixed (again) a major bug that could stop the Marvel from getting completed (unfortunately not retroactive)
  • New "Import Table" block in creative to make it easier to import buildings for edition
  • Big speed increase when generating large buildings, particularly the Panthéon
  • New "millSpawnVillage" command for admins
  • Many bug fixes

Note: new Japanese blocks intended for a future update were packaged by mistake in the previous beta. It is normal that Minecraft should complain about missing blocks after upgrading to beta 3. Please ignore the warning.

The following people helped me develop Millénaire 7:

  • Ticlon made most of the Marvel itself, as well as its supporting buildings and several of the major new Norman buildings
  • MoonCutter2B, felinoel, CreeperLava and Xeredek contributed new Norman buildings
  • felinoel created the Inuits with help from Zoythrus and MoonCutter2B
  • MoonCutter2B, BeebBeeb, Amaohra, iTzEdrasS, Goshen and DogLover314 contributed to the extended testing phase

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